I am interested in either developing or contributing to a creative land project sometime over the next decade, and have begun a process of learning by visiting other communities. I volunteered at Arcosanti in the fall of 2021, which interested me as one of the longer standing communities focused on sustainable living. Arco, as it’s referred to by the resident community, is an “early example of sustainable architecture and vertically-dense building that prioritized live-work spaces and the surrounding natural environment over urban sprawl.” As it is located an hour away from Phoenix, the contrast between the two in regards to urban sprawl is stark. I enjoyed only using my car weekly to buy groceries, and having the rest of life take place onsite. The work I did as a volunteer was varied, and included site maintenance, agriculture, educational and creative workshops, and in my case, photography.  As a maker and creative, I found I most enjoyed taking photos of workshops and creative pursuits onsite, as well as all the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Here are some of my favorites from my time there.